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Meet The Team

When engaging with us, you’re choosing a team that’s fully invested in aligning your financial resources with your lifetime ambitions. We take your trust seriously, ensuring that every aspect of your financial plan is meticulously crafted to support your personal vision for the future.

Richelle Hofer

Wealth Advisor

A natural leader, Richelle is the Financial Advisor and Founder of Impact Wealth Management. She has spent almost two decades in the world of finance, creating a truly transparent and emotionally intelligent experience for her clients. Richelle sits with her clients, nurtures their money stories and joins them on their journey into living out an impact through sound financial management.
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Heather Moore

Client Experience Director

As Head of Client Services, Heather is an invaluable asset to Impact Wealth Management. She is a detail-oriented person who is passionately committed to the client experience. Her greatest qualities are her interest and investment in people’s lives, in creating space for them to actually get to the heart of their stories and in the day-to-day operations to carry every process through. 
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Michael Peterson

Wealth Advisor

Michael Peterson loves and cares for those around him and he has taken these gifts into the financial world to make a difference using this lens. As a devoted husband and father, he wants to treat others the way he would want his family treated. Today as a wealth advisor, Michael works with people of all ages, empowering them to make decisions to live a happier, financially sound life that helps them to accomplish their dreams, even retire early.
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Bryce Andersen

Wealth Advisor

Inspired by his handicapped sister, Bryce Andersen is dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life and accomplish their highest financial priorities. Bryce specializes in helping families navigate the unique challenges of planning for a loved one with a disability. Whether you were born or brought into the Special Needs life, Bryce is here to help… now and in the future.
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Betsy Valnes

Disability Empowerment Advocate

A nationally recognized and published disability advocate, Betsy has worked as a consultant for disability awareness in 11 countries to date. Betsy acquired a brain injury at a young age, giving her firsthand experience in how people tend to underestimate the hopes, dreams, and futures of those with disabilities. Betsy works closely with Bryce to help create meaningful financial plans for families of those with disabilities.
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A wealth advisor who sincerely cares about your values...

Mission & Impact

We are driven by the idea that serving our clients with excellence increases our ability to help others and give back a portion of Impact’s profits to charity and ministry so that everyone has the opportunity for financial freedom and legacy.

Worldwide Impact

As optimistic visionaries, we are honored to partner with great organizations like Haiti Alive and Simba Ministries to help bring hope, health and education to women and children in countries like Haiti and Kenya.

Local Impact

By volunteering and giving to local endeavors that align with our desire to empower underserved communities, we support a list of worthy organizations. We would love to hear about causes most critical to you.

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