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Discover the difference at Impact Wealth Management in Sioux Falls and Phoenix. We believe that a flat fee financial advisor is best positioned to deliver a financial plan that helps you achieve the outcome you want in a way that’s right for you.
Impact Wealth Management is committed to providing personalized financial planning services without any hidden commissions or agendas. Understanding that everyone’s story is different, we provide custom wealth management services that encompass estate planning, tax strategies, and investment planning. This level of customization ensures that every aspect of your financial world is considered, from planning your legacy to optimizing tax implications. In Sioux Falls and beyond, we endeavor to co-create a path towards financial freedom and a lasting impact, meticulously aligning your financial goals with the values you hold dear.

Client Focused

Our dedicated team, led by founder Richelle Hofer, prioritizes a relationship-driven approach. We understand that you’ve worked diligently and value not just astute financial advice, but also a genuine connection and exceptional service. By aligning with a flat fee financial planner, we establish a foundation built on trust, with advisors who sit with you, understand your financial story, and accompany you on the path to achieving your goals.


We believe in absolute transparency. From our initial conversations to planning your retirement, the fees are straightforward and explained in fine detail. This transparency extends to our investment planning process, using the IMPACT Framework. We clearly outline how your assets are being managed, minimizing surprises and fostering a relationship based on clarity and trust.


Fee-only financial advisors at our Sioux Falls or Phoenix office embrace fairness as a guiding principle. We follow a fiduciary standard, meaning we place your interests above ours. With a flat fee model, the potential for conflict of interest is significantly reduced as we don’t earn commissions from selling financial products. Our fees are structured as a flat rate, ensuring that our compensation is fair, unbiased, and directly aligned with your financial well-being.

By entrusting us with your wealth management, you receive the assurance of a fee-only financial planner who commits to a fair, transparent, and client-focused partnership. We are dedicated to the journey of turning your hard-earned wealth into a lasting impact that resonates with your values and life’s missions.

Fee-Only Financial Planning Services

When engaging with us, you’re choosing a team that’s fully invested in aligning your financial resources with your lifetime ambitions. We take your trust seriously, ensuring that every aspect of your financial plan is meticulously crafted to support your personal vision for the future.

Investment Planning

Our approach to investment planning involves a personalized strategy that respects your unique risk profile and financial objectives. We employ our proprietary IMPACT Framework to construct a diversified investment portfolio that aims to achieve sustained growth and security tailored to your needs.

Tax Planning

We consider tax planning a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan. Our methods strive for tax efficiency, collaborating closely with your tax professionals to develop strategies that optimize your financial picture and keep more of your wealth working for you.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is key to ensuring a lasting legacy. We facilitate the development of a sound estate plan, coordinating with your legal advisors to establish clear directives for wealth transfer, ensuring your wishes are honored and your family's future is well-planned.

Retirement Planning

In retirement planning, we help you articulate your vision for retirement, then construct a roadmap to get you there. We balance present-day joy with prudent future planning, ensuring your retirement strategy is both empowering and sustainable.

Protection Planning

Effective protection planning requires planning for the unpredictable. We assist in identifying the areas of your financial life that are most vulnerable and guide you through choosing the right insurance solutions to cover your assets and your family's well-being.

Benefits of Private Wealth Management Services

Working closely with you, we strive to marry dreams and financial stewardship to carve out the most fulfilling path forward. Our emphasis is on a transparent, engaged approach to ensure each plan mirrors your unique aspirations.

Personalized Financial Advice

Our mission is to provide advice tailored specifically to your life stories and financial journeys. With our team's deep dedication to understanding individual circumstances, we present financial guidance that resonates with your personal values and goals to create an impactful life and legacy.

Professional Asset Management

We take our responsibility for asset management with utmost seriousness. Assessing the risks and designing a portfolio that aligns with your risk appetites is central to our framework. Our asset management services range from investment to portfolio management, embodying excellence and precision.

Comprehensive Wealth & Legacy Planning

From estate planning to retirement readiness, our comprehensive financial planning ensures that you are prepared for the future. We collaborate with your legal and tax professionals, weaving your wealth into a plan that secures prosperity for generations to come.

Custom Strategies for a Unique Impact

We understand that true impact extends beyond assets—it’s about the mark we leave on the world. By partnering with organizations aimed at improving global and local communities, we empower you to integrate charitable giving within your strategies, leading to a unique and meaningful impact.


Our focus on clear and transparent communication means you never have to ponder over hidden fees or obscured agendas. Our comprehensive, flat-fee advice gives you the confidence to focus on living your best life while we handle the complexities of your financial plan.

Line up your financial goals and your portfolio with your values...

Place your financial goals and your legacy in hands you can trust.

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