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Overcoming Financial Fears

The financial industry is well acquainted with two fundamental attributes: fear and greed. We see them play out everyday. Fear leads to irrational selling and hoarding. Greed leads to irrational buying and hoarding. Fear and greed drive the markets. Fear grows and makes us greedy. Greed grows and makes us fearful.

Believing the lie that if we save enough, acquire enough, that we will achieve happiness will instead rob us of our happiness.

Paralyzed by Fear

Many people start saving initially out of a fear that they won’t have enough for the future. Some people never get free of this fear. They work and work and save and save; they accumulate money but they always fear that it won’t be enough; they are afraid to spend any of their nest egg even on the things that they were initially saving for. Instead of achieving financial freedom they are forever enslaved by their fear.

Others eventually move past the fear that they won’t have enough and they start to fear that they have too much. Their friends look at them and assume that they are carefree, having achieved great success in life. But many of these people are enslaved by another fear. They fear that they will spoil their children and that all of the sacrifices they made to get to this point will be unappreciated and forgotten.

Shaking Lose of Fear – Finding Financial Freedom

True financial freedom comes by not being a slave to your money. We believe that we achieve financial freedom through intentional planning and intentional gratitude.

At Impact Wealth we put together solid plans for the future. We believe that identifying our goals and outlining a clear path to achieving them actually frees us to enjoy what we have now AND in the future. You start to feel freedom when you know how much you need to save and how much you can spend and enjoy now.

We seek to understand more than just our members financial portfolios. Understanding the personal life experiences that brought our members to this moment in time is important to us.

You are worth more than your balance sheet

Portfolios are made up of dollars, but those dollars represent so much; triumphs and tragedies, successes and failures. Understanding those things help us link arms with you and take intentional steps forward. They help us understand what is important to you and why it is important to you.  When we understand these things our financial plans can truly be tailored to what is in your best interest both financially and emotionally.

Our financial plans lay the foundation and our gratitude fortifies the legacy that we leave.

We are constantly inspired by the families we serve. They are everyday world changers; they invest in their families, their communities, and causes that they care about; they understand that leaving a legacy of financial freedom means leaving more than money.

We are passionate about equipping people with tools to leave a legacy of Impact. A legacy that includes the experiences, the values, and the lessons we learned as we journeyed through life.

Comprehensive financial planning is what we do, equipping people to leave a legacy of Impact for generations to come is who we are.

Impact Wealth Management LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We are based in beautiful Sioux Falls, SD and regulated by the State of South Dakota. Throughout this site, we went out of our way to present unbiased data believed to be from reliable and respected sources. However, its accuracy, completeness, and relevance are not guaranteed and no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions.

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