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Investor Biases: The Poodle Principle

In today’s blog: a poodle named Scarlett, offended by my investment advice, teaches us an important lesson about the biases that can hinder our financial success. A couple of weeks ago in our blog looking back over 2023, I compared the different sectors of the stock market to the many different breeds of dogs.  In … Read more

Don’t just stand there, DO something! What to do in a market downturn.

When the stock market takes a dip, it’s easy to feel uncertain and anxious about your investments. While financial advisors often tell investors that this is the time to do nothing, there are actually some things you really SHOULD be doing to make the most of this situation. Consider a Roth Conversion A Roth conversion … Read more

The Stock Market is Freaking Me Out!

I get it.  The stock market can feel terrifying. ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel confident in your financial advisor.  Are they really working for YOU? Are they always making trades in your account, or never making trades in your account?  Do you understand their answers when you ask them questions?  If the source of your … Read more

Overcoming Financial Fears

The financial industry is well acquainted with two fundamental attributes: fear and greed. We see them play out everyday. Fear leads to irrational selling and hoarding. Greed leads to irrational buying and hoarding. Fear and greed drive the markets. Fear grows and makes us greedy. Greed grows and makes us fearful. Believing the lie that … Read more