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Slam The Scam – A Personal Story

As soon as I answered the phone I knew something was wrong.  It was the emotion: the defeat, the exhaustion, and the shame that I heard in his voice that made my mama heart leap out of my chest.  I was thousands of miles away on a beach in the Bahamas when I got the … Read more

Why You Should Consider FREEZING Your Credit

“Credit monitoring” does just as it’s name suggests: it monitors your credit.  It alerts you when new accounts have been opened or when something looks suspicious.  “Freezing Your Credit” makes it impossible for anyone (even you) to run your credit or open a new account.  So why do I think you should consider freezing your … Read more

Overcoming Financial Fears

The financial industry is well acquainted with two fundamental attributes: fear and greed. We see them play out everyday. Fear leads to irrational selling and hoarding. Greed leads to irrational buying and hoarding. Fear and greed drive the markets. Fear grows and makes us greedy. Greed grows and makes us fearful. Believing the lie that … Read more

Why you should consider a FLAT FEE advisor

How much are you paying your advisor?  For many people, their investment fees are one of their biggest budget items.  And yet, hardly anyone knows how much they’re actually paying!  Sadly it can sometimes be difficult to figure out.  There are often many “layers” of fees.  Investments themselves have “internal fees” and usually your financial … Read more

Financially and Mentally Preparing for Retirement

For the last 15 years I’ve helped somewhere around 100 couples transition into retirement. The decision to retire is obviously one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make. You will say goodbye to your income source and live almost entirely off of what you’ve saved. That’s a huge leap!! What I’ve … Read more